Tony Porter: A Call To Men
"Tony is the original visionary and co-founder behind A CALL TO MEN: The National Association of Men and Women Committed to Ending Violence Against Women. He is the author of "Well Meaning Men...Breaking Out of the Man Box - Ending Violence Against Women" and the visionary for the book, NFL Dads Dedicated to Daughters.

Tony's message of accountability is welcome and supported by many grassroots and established organizations. He’s currently working with numerous domestic and sexual violence programs, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, colleges and universities around the country. He has worked with the United States Military Academy at West Point and the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis.

Tony is an international lecturer for the U.S. State Department having worked in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, United Kingdom and Brazil. In addition, he has been a guest presenter for the United Nations' Commission on the Status of Women and has been a script consultant for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit." - (x)
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every family got a plastic bag full of plastic bags

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Go get it fanboy~

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cr. Pluto Parallax

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the entire movie in 3 pictures

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until whenever

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 “Through the efforts of so many people the candle inside the cavern convent never blows out, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, whether day or night. There’s only one reason why that candle always remains lit. It is for the sake of all the lonely people that lives outside that cavern. Those of you who feels lonely, and think that you’re alone… Know that someone out of there is praying 24 hours a day, just for you. Please remember this. You’ve never been alone, not even for one single moment”.

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For many Muslim Americans, 9/11 was a double punch of tragedy and bigotry

The actions of 19 Islamic extremists on 9/11 left an indelible mark on America. Today, millions pause to commemorate the attacks’ 13th anniversary, to honor the victims and to remember that all life is special and sacred. But there’s an untold story amid the many speeches and moments of silence — one filled with a different kind of pain, grief and strong sense of loss. 

Those stories are now being told on social media

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Tomorrow is September 11th. If you see somebody being Islamophobic toward Muslims or non-Muslim Arabs and Sikhs, don’t stand by and do nothing. Shut that shit down!

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In social issues class today our professor held up a black book and was like “this book is red” and we were all “no” and he said “yes it is” and we were just all “that’s not right” and he turned it around and the back cover was red and he said “Don’t tell somebody they’re wrong until you’ve seen things from their point of view” 

that speaks to me 

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this post is the only one that has 12 million notes and it changes all the time. the flubber robin williams, the rogerina, the “reblog if you dont have a tumblr” and the dean winchester gym shorts is literally all the same post and you guys are astonished that it has so many notes every time a new version of it comes around

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how dare you not notice me while i ignore you

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Yunho’s reaction to candidates wanting to date his sister

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